EWS specializes in full service waste management for all industries. The management of waste, especially hazardous waste, has become complex in recent years. Increased and confusing regulations by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Transportation (DOT) have made it difficult and expensive for businesses to comply with government requirements.

Just keeping up with the regulations is difficult. This is where EWS can help. Our specialty is understanding and following federal and state waste regulations. We have an extensive database of waste management facilities within the United States. This lets us reduce your shipping costs.

EWS is set apart from the other waste management providers and other shipping companies by the ability to provide environmentally sound waste management alternatives based upon economic and liability factors.

Headquartered out of Elburn, Illinois, Environmental Waste Services, Inc. (EWS) has provided various environmental services to its customers located throughout the United States and Canada for over 28 years. Initially removing drummed materials from waste generators in the Chicago and St. Louis areas; EWS has expanded its nationwide capabilities to include the following services:

– Waste Disposal Services

– Chemical Re-Use & Recycling

– Remediation Management Services

– Training & Audit Programs

– Labpack Projects