Lagoon Sludge Removal:
Ontario, Canada

EWS coordinated all on-site and off-site activities for the trans-boundary movement of approximately 30,000 tons of hazardous waste into the United States for disposal. Numerous regulations enforced by the US EPA, State of New York Department of Environmental Protection, US Customs, Ministry of Environment & Energy Ontario, Environment Canada, Canadian Customs and North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) were navigated to complete this project successfully.

Coordination & Disposal:
Various Locations

Gilberts, IL: Transportation and Disposal coordination of over 40,000 tons of lead contaminated soil for a US EPA Region V Superfund site in northern Illinois. Completed Agency submittals to secure pricing and disposal permits for the US government.

McCook, IL: Coordinated off-site transportation and disposal of treated hazardous waste. Verified treated soils met TSDF and Land Ban restriction requirements.

Gary, IN: Hazardous soil treatment and disposal. EWS ensured landfill disposal parameters were completed with all treated soils pursuant to federal and state regulations. Tracked and documented the movement of over 35,000 tons of material.

Drum Removal
Indianapolis, Indiana Rochester, Indiana

Collected samples and conducted analysis to characterize and properly dispose of over 300 drums with various “unknown" chemicals. Activities included on-site waste surveys and “Hazcat" techniques to categorize waste materials. Most drums were damaged and needed to be reparied or over-packed to meet Department of Transportation regulations prior to shipment.

Tank Removals:
Chicago, Illinois

Oversight removal of 5 various underground storage tanks. Tanks were unidentified and contents unknown. Completed transportation and disposal of various liquid contents and contaminated soil. Responsible for completion of reporting requirements.