Waste Disposal Services

Environmental Waste Services expanded capabilities can help ensure that your company is in compliance with applicable environmental, health and safety requirements.

Customized Audit and Training Programs are formatted to meet your company’s specific needs. We can provide Hazard Communication Standard Training, OSHA Hazwoper Refresher Courses, RCRA Personnel Training, Department of Transportation Function Specific Training, Site Surveys.

Chemical Recycling

Any organization , and particularly those that generate industrial waste, must face the simultaneous challenges of managing their waste, maintaining compliance and minimizing environmental impact.

It is especially important to address these challenges in the face of increasing regulatory and consumer focus on environmental responsibility. For both hazardous and nonhazardous waste, destruction and disposal according to the EPA.

Remediation Services

EWS provides economical, regulatory-approved remedial cleanup services by highly trained personnel. Site health and safety plans are adhered to strictly. Services include excavation and disposal of:
– Leaking underground storage tanks
– Lagoons, ponds, and drum storage areas
– Contaminated soil and ground water

Training & Audit Programs

Information gathered through Environmental Site Assessments can greatly impact the economics of a property transaction, affecting the owner, buyer, seller and lender. We can assist industries, property owners, attorneys, and real estate professionals in obtaining needed data to make decisions through our ASTM/CLIENT Specific Phase I and Phase II ; Environmental Assessments.

Labpack Projects

Each year schools, universities and commercial labs generate several tons of laboratory waste. EWS will properly identify, classify, segregate, pack, transport, and treat/dispose of these hazardous materials. Lab packs consists of small containers of compatible waste, packed in absorbent materials.

Our lab pack chemists have technical degrees, specialized training in the safety and handling procedures, and regulatory expertise to ensure compliance and customer satisfaction. Our turnkey lab pack program allows you to dispose of small quantities of waste safely and economically.